Sunday, February 22, 2009

Say Cheese

We've gotten Catherine to smile some lately. She's even laughed at us while playing. We're so excited to have reached these milestones. (Sorry for the washed out picture. I didn't get the flash turned off in time).

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dentac Ball

Last night was the Dentac Birthday Ball. This was also the first time that Jonathan and I have been out without Catherine. We had some friends take care of her while we went out. We had a good time going through the formalities and I got to meet all the people that he works with.
Jonathan looked great in his uniform (I still don't get the different color jacket and pants).

1 month

Sorry for the backlog of pictures. I was sick again and haven't felt up to much of anything until the past couple of days. After talking with the lactation consultant again she thought that Catherine's frenulum may be the cause of the recurrent mastitis. We took her to the pediatric dentist yesterday and even though Catherine is feeding great we went ahead and had him cut her frenum. She's doing great and doesn't remember a we think.
She's so cute!

She likes her monkey rattle

Sweet Valentine

My view of her from the carrier

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Time is flying by already. Catherine continues to remain healthy. We are trying to figure out our routine at home and help her get adjusted to a good sleep schedule that benefits us all. Her cord fell off this past week and we finally gave her a real bath. She seems to like the baths but doesn't want to put her feet in the water. Her faces are adorable but we can never capture them on camera. We'll try harder in the future!