Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunday mornings

Ok, so this first one is not on a Sunday but it's cute. She is sitting up holding on to her toy. This is right before she fell and took the whole thing down and on top of her.

Sleeping in with dad. Notice they are both sleeping the same way.

Dressed and ready to go.

Sitting pretty

Good Ol' Kentucky

Jonathan and I were able to go back to Lexington to introduce Catherine to our friends. It was a wonderful time. We were able to meet lots of new babies too. I think Catherine was in shock from all the new faces and was worn out. We stopped at our parents' for a bit on Father's Day. It was a wonderful, quick trip.

Chillin at the hotel

Catherine trying to figure out what Roman is doing with her chair

Jonathan and Mark with the kids

Catherine, the bat

Attack of the killer baby

Sweet smiles

"I need to hold my hat down, it might fly away"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Play Time

I'm getting a little behind in posting. Catherine is doing great. She is doing so much now... rolling over all the time, new sounds every minute, and chasing toys around the bath tub. Her teachers in day care think she is very loud and should also be crawling in a couple of weeks. Watch out!
Jonathan is on leave for a couple of weeks now before starting his residency. He's going to be staying home with Catherine while I'm at work. We've been traveling, having company, and getting ready to go to Lexington next weekend.
Here are a few pictures from recent days.

Enjoying the outside with Dad

For a couple of days she would suck on her bottom lip.

Dad is teaching bad habits... Mt. Dew. And he's a dentist?

Learning to drink from a cup...

or just playing.

Swimming in the tub with her toys

Sleeping with a book over her head