Wednesday, July 21, 2010

36 weeks

I don't think I've posted any pics of me with the baby bump. Here I am (tonight). I have been having a lot of pain especially when I walk, move, etc. My doctor said that I'm barely dilated and James is not fully engaged. But he is head down and has been for the past month. Heartburn still is plaguing me despite the maximum dose of Zantac I can take. His room is nearly ready. The crib hasn't come in yet though. Running a bit more behind this time around. It will all work out though.

Random July Pics

Here's a compilation of the past few weeks.

Catherine ready for Sunday morning. She was posing for me at different places throughout the house.

Squatting down like I was. Too funny.

"I think it's time to go to church"

Lobster hands!

Completely zonked. She didn't wake up and I was making lots of noise picking up toys around her.

Rummaging through the pantry for a snack or finding a good hiding place?

Caught in the toy box

She loves playing in there.

First look at her new toy box. She loves it!!

Catherine and Jonathan after eating chocolate chip cookies. She was a mess.

Backyard Fun

One of the best things about our new house is the fenced backyard. It's so nice to go out and not worry that Catherine is going to run out in the street. We've been outside more (except on the over 100 degree days) to play and eat. We love it!

Some views of the yard

The swing set that I (Elisabeth) put together over 2 days while Jonathan was at a conference. I was 34 weeks.

Checking out the slide

Time for the swing

4th of July

We had a laid back July 4th. We stayed at home and played in our yard and then watched Jonathan light some small fireworks. Catherine liked them for the most part. But covered her ears and held tight later on.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vacation 2010

Jonathan and I had a week off and took a trip to see family before the baby comes. We moved houses (just up the street) on the Saturday before vacation. We went to TN first with Jonathan's family. Then traveled to KY with my family. As in the pictures, we spent a lot of time outside during our trip.

Catherine loves wearing her hat and also reading.

Catherine and dad playing in the pool. It took her a bit to warm up to the pool.

On a picnic lunch with Papa and Nana.

Eating some fresh blueberries.

There was a waterfall. She said "Whoa!"

Hanging with Nana.

First horse ride. She really liked it.

Climbing on top of the couch to get to the rocking horse on the ledge.

Reading books on the floor.

Playing with cousins Jacob and Rhiannon.

Everyone is ready to play outside in the sprinkler and slip and slide.

Ready, Set, GO!

Getting a little help.

In such a good mood during the trip.

Playing with Aunt Rebekah.

Follow the leader.

Silly girl playing with her blanket and pillow in the backseat.

Sound asleep on the way home.