Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy, Happy, Happy

She said "cheese" for this picture

She is such a happy kid.

Well maybe not all the time

Tired pumpkin

Catherine didn't get her afternoon nap today. She instead played in her crib for over an hour. This is the result of not napping, other than the tantrums for no reason. Needless to say she went to bed early.

Falling asleep with a handful of shrimp going into her mouth

Mommy and Daddy laughing so hard it woke her up and she was trying to smile too.

Then she couldn't fight it any longer.

When we were getting her out she still had shrimp clutched in her hand.

Monday, April 5, 2010

First Surgery

Catherine had her first surgery this morning. She had a rough few months with ear infections, runny nose, cough, fluid constantly on her ears, and fevers. She had 4 rounds of antibiotics but many more infections we believe. We went for tubes in both ears this morning. We waited for 2 hours before the surgery started. And Catherine was such a trooper. She didn't fuss one bit while waiting. After the Versed, she was loopy. She would sit up, lay down, flop around, try to give her toys insistently to the hospital staff. The doctor said we should notice instant improvement with her hearing due to suctioning out so much mucus from behind her ear drums. She also had an infection recently so we have special drops for 1 week to give. She was cranky just for a bit while in the hospital but was good the rest of the day.
We are so thankful all went well and pray this helps her hearing.

Her she is pre-op. Reading a book she got on Easter.

Hanging out with Daddy before surgery

Poor thing. She was so out of it but loved that popsicle.

Cleaning the tables later that afternoon

Happy Easter

I'm not going to go through and write captions on all these. But here was our wonderful Easter. Catherine had her face painted like a bunny at daycare the Friday before. She didn't seem to mind the paint until it had to be scrubbed off. On Saturday, we dyed eggs outside. I found this spinner that allowed us to have Catherine involved in the fun. The next morning she found her basket with all kinds of surprises. She even found an egg with animal crackers inside. We got all dressed up for church, which was a wonderful sermon about the Resurrection. After church and some lunch, Catherine went on a hunt for Easter eggs in the front yard and sometimes would humor me with wearing her rabbit ears. She then got to play with her bubbles. That was a huge mess if you can see her dress. But this past weekend was wonderful.