Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas in KY

On Christmas Eve, we left TN and headed towards KY. It was not a long drive this time thank God. We were able to go to the Hampton Christmas that evening. This was the first time many of my cousins, aunts, uncles have seen Catherine. We had a great, relaxing Christmas. Aunt Rebekah and Uncle JR with their kids came and stayed with us too. What a house full. But lots of good quality time. Catherine had a blast getting into the tree, tearing bows off the presents, rocking in her chair, and talking on her phone. We were there for a couple of more days before heading back to NC. Around this time of year it makes living in different states so difficult.

Christmas morning

Santa brought Catherine a stocking full of fun toys. The rocking chair is from her grandparents.

Happy to tear the paper off

She was into everything

Opened her presents like a big girl

Then she got into the tree

All the guys got matching UK pants that play the fight song.

Loving on Uncle JR

Jacob, Rhiannon, and Catherine in their Christmas outfits

Rocking and feeding the baby doll

Ready for church

Let's see who is paying attention!

Christmas time in TN

We left for TN the week before Christmas. To our luck, we ran into the "Blizzard of '09" on our way. We went about 2 miles in 2 hours before getting to the first exit. We then got stuck in the snow on a hill trying to get to a hotel which had no vacancy. (They should've put a sign at the bottom of the hill) We found out the interstates were closed due to the snow and ice. At this point it was about 11pm and we decided to head south to find a hotel. About an hour and two other hotels later we found a place. It wasn't a great hotel but at this point it didn't matter. We waited until late the next morning before continuing on by a very non-direct route towards TN. We finally reached Jonathan's parents 25 hours after we left our house.
We had a wonderful visit. Catherine had another ear infection so she wasn't too happy but it made her more snuggly. Jonathan and I were able to go on a date. We also were able to visit Chad and Amy and their daughter Audrey who is 4 days older than Catherine. We also had dinner at Uncle Christopher's house one night. It was such a good time with family.

Catherine and Audrey meeting for the first time.

It looks like Catherine is trying to get one of Audrey's toys without her watching.

Eating half of a bagel in the hotel.

Dad and Catherine having a breakfast picnic on the hotel floor.

Papa David getting some quality time with Catherine.

She constantly would crawl into the coffee tables at her grandparent's house. It had a glass top that she would make faces through.

Checking out the train with Nana Chriss

Crawling in the table again

Her first baby doll

Sick baby while opening presents

Where's the dog?

Random happenings

How deep is this bag?


Loves to talk on the phone.

Giving Ernie a ride in the basket.

Her first Christmas ornament from Grandma

Here's the rash Catherine had with the allergic reaction from her antibiotics. It was scary.

Such a big girl eating an apple.

So funny acting like a dog I guess.

After the dishwasher is emptied, which she helps to unload, she licks the water. Strange kid.

She will play with anything.

Let the celebration begin!

Our little girl will be 1 tomorrow! It's so amazing how much she has grown in personality and size. We love her so much and pray the best for her everyday. She is walking, eating almost anything, drinking milk from a sippy, saying a few words, and is still so humorous.
I will have lots of posts to download. Hopefully I will get to it tonight.

Here's the almost 1 girl before a big day of shopping.

All that shopping made her hungry. She was licking the bowl clean.

Her hat and balloon from Toys R Us. It doesn't look it here, but she is a little afraid of the balloon.